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About us

The Media MAGHAITI group is an independent news organization founded in 2012. It is
headquartered in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

MAGHAITI was founded on November 24, 2012, by Franciyou Germain, who also serves as its CEO, is well known in the national territory and the Haitian communities. MAGHAITI a press organization providing information, entertainment, and education to the Haitian and French-speaking communities. The platform has a strict editorial policy that does not tolerate interference from state authorities, the opposition, or any other institution.

The founder, Germain, is an experienced individual, and using his platform and magazine, MAGHAITI, created the Haitian Association of Online Media (AHML) in 2016 and introduced the concept of WebTV and Mag Show. [1] During the crisis, which lasted for about eight weeks in Haiti in 2019, Germain also became a victim of aggression against journalists and media personalities. He was reportedly physically attacked while covering an anti-government protest held in Port-au-Prince.

The group has three platforms: the online magazine called MAGHAITI, the digital video news site Alolakay TV, and the fact-checker website T-check Haiti, created in 2019.

On January 17, 2022, MAGHAITI was honored with the Freedom of Speech award on Martin Luther King Jr Day by the Farah Delance Foundation, signed by Mathylde Fontus.

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