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Do you have a small or midsize business that you want to promote it online? MagHaiti is the ideal solution to that, thanks to our large audience of more than 500,000 followers, of more than 5,000 audience engager’s traffic every day.

Take advantage of a special promotion on our website, starting at $299.99 for a single post on our platform. You also have the choice of promoting your business through the Diamond, Gold and Silver plans. Click on the link below for more details and price list.

Your customers like to know the people they’re doing business with. A company bio allows you to tell customers what they want to know while maintaining control of your brand. Your company bio page, is your press agent. It is an opportunity for you to bring people to your brand.

We can create all the essential tools that you need to be a solid business. One consultation with us, will allow you to understand how we plan to help your business connect with your costumers. It’s all in the bio!

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